Team member

Jerry Sullivan


Jerry Sullivan serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board of Directors of Black Dot Holdings, LLC. Prior to his appointment with Black Dot, Mr. Sullivan served as Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Kite Broadband, LLC, a wireless broadband operating company which maintained all of the nationwide operations of the Sprint Broadband Direct business unit.

Mr. Sullivan has served in similar roles with other private and public telecommunications companies since 1991. In his various executive roles, Mr. Sullivan has established and led groups of highly experienced industry veterans in positioning companies in which he was involved in securing private equity and debt financing in extremely hostile capital markets in order to pursue the various opportunities in the wireless broadband sector.

Prior to his tenure in the wireless broadband sector, Mr. Sullivan was a co-founder of Tritel, Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: TTEL), an AT&T Wireless PCS affiliate, where he served as Director, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. During 1998 and 1999 he was instrumental in securing approximately $1.3 billion in both private and public debt and equity financings for the company. Mr. Sullivan was primarily responsible for all aspects of operations applicable to the build-out and ongoing management of numerous domestic cellular markets as the PCS network that encompassed approximately 16 million contiguous pops throughout the Southeastern United States.

While at Tritel, Mr. Sullivan designed and implemented deployment standards that lead to the successful commercial launch of 48 key markets throughout a multi-state network. These same standards were later adopted by other major wireless carriers throughout the U.S. for cellular and PCS market deployments.

Mr. Sullivan has also served as a Director, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Mercury Communications, Inc., a cellular management company, which began operations in the early 90’s, as well as similar positions in various private cellular operating and/or holding companies.

Prior to his tenure in the telecommunications industry, in 1980, Mr. Sullivan began his career as a senior manager of First Energy Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of ChemFirst, Inc., (formerly NYSE: CEM) where he gained extensive experience in all aspects of corporate operations.

Mr. Sullivan is a graduate of Mississippi College located in Clinton, Mississippi.