Complete Focus
Total Awareness
Absolute Integrity


$1 Billion in Lease Purchases & Over
$10 Billion in Carrier savings


Built & Managed
25,000+ Cell Sites

Years of Excellence

Black Dot Provides Several Unique And Customized Services Over A Variety Of Industries.

Black Dot is the recognized leader in lease management (aka lease optimization) services. The principals of Black Dot pioneered the first lease purchase and lease optimization programs helping landowners and tenants alike improve the value of their assets. Over the past 15 years, members of Black Dot have monetized over $500 million in assets, reduced client operating expenses by over $10 billion dollars, and have helped landowners secure billions of dollars in rent guarantees. Our expertise in the industry is supported by seasoned professionals having collectively negotiated, developed and built over 25,000 locations. Through our people and systems, Black Dot has built a solid reputation by fulfilling its promises and delivering results.

Black Dot creates significant value for its clients, employees, and shareholders by being the leading optimizer in the international telecommunications sector through Complete Focus, Total Awareness and Absolute Integrity..

Marc Anthony | CEO

Our Clients

What our Clients say?

"Thanks for the great work the Black Dot team did with my lease purchase."
"Thanks to Black Dot’s due diligence, a serious title issue regarding my property was identified and resolved. Black Dot worked with me and with my counsel to address all of my concerns and successfully close a very complicated transaction. Now Black Dot is assisting me in negotiating a new lease with another carrier. Once complete, I look forward to another successful lease purchase transaction with Black Dot."
"Your staff were always professional over the course of the transaction. I found the communication to be very proactive and they were always timely in response to any questions or concerns I had. The process was very comprehensive and your team’s attention to detail was noticeable."
"I sold the leases on 3 of my properties to Black Dot. Throughout the process, Black Dot was extremely responsive to me. Black Dot is a highly professional outfit. Working with them is a pleasure!"
"What really stuck out while dealing with Black Dot, was their honesty and integrity. There were times when I was told things I didn’t want to hear but the team always presented the facts in a way I could understand. I’ve found this to be a unique quality with other companies that offered me the same services in the past."
"Black Dot made the entire process easy and quick. A highly knowledgeable and professional organization!"